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About Us

The Sunrise Cafe is a community cafe operating under the umbrella of Dover Outreach Centre. Dover Outreach Centre is a charity set up to help homeless people whose aim is not to support people in their homelessness, but to give them a hand up out of it.


Born from the desire to ensure no one goes hungry in the Dover community, it was decided that the unused space in Victory House could be put to good use as a means of offering tasty food to those most in need, as well as offering those same people opportunities to volunteer to become a valued part of the Sunrise Cafe themselves, whilst gaining valuable life skills.


Local ingredients are sourced wherever and whenever possible. We are fortunate to have agreements with local supermarkets in the Dover area who regularly provide good quality surplus fresh food, together with FareShare Kent who also supply surplus food to local community and charitable organisations across Kent.

Who are we?

Run under the auspices of Dover Outreach Centre, the management team comprises:

Vicky Nunn  - Sunrise Cafe Manager 


Vicky has spent her working life cooking meals for children and local communities. She is passionate about providing healthy, nutritious food to anyone who comes through the door of the cafe, regardless of their financial status, and also about offering a good service. Married with two children, Vicky lives in Dover and enjoys baking and gardening in her spare time. 

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Victoria Corney-Young - Assistant Manager


Vicky worked within the pharmaceutical industry for many years then
moved to work within the catering industry. She had a passion for
baking and was learning to roast coffee. This led to her setting up her
own mobile catering and coffee business, which ran for many years until
the pandemic. Her business was often seen supporting many of the local
community events within Dover and East Kent, and extended to donating
excess food and stock to local charities. She lives in Dover with her
husband, and is looking forward to being able to help and support the
local community where she can.

Noel Beamish  - Acting CEO and Founder 

Noel has spent several years involved in Church leadership, most notably in Christians Together in Dover, where he was instrumental in the setting up of Dover Street Pastors and Dover Foodbank. His work life began on a farm and ended as an Estates Manager for a quarrying business. He is sometimes referred to as a workaholic; whether he is or not, he does always like to be busy. He has been married to Jayne for 30 years and has been blessed with three daughters. Driven by his Christian faith, he has a passion and drive to see lives transformed, practically, rationally and spiritually. He has a love for Dover and wants it to fulfil its potential.

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Judith Shilling  - Chair of Trustees


Judith runs a pharmaceutical Consultancy with her husband, and in recognizing how blessed she is in life wanted to reach out to help those who have little. She was the leader of the Dover Soup Kitchen for over ten years up to its closure in 2020. She also was instrumental in helping to set up Dover Pantry and continues to be part of its management team.


With thanks to Matt Pennal for allowing the Sunrise Cafe to use this beautiful photograph

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